Kèkè, Spitalfields

Tuesday, 1 December 2009 | |

Opened recently, Kèkè is a new take away stall which accompanies a few others that have opened in Spitalfields, though on my visit Kèkè was definitely the busiest of the lot. This may be down to the man at the front of the shop, perhaps the owner, handing out menus to those waiting and interacting very welcomingly.

The dim sum items looked interesting and I'll be back to try those, but today I was craving some meats roasted and topped with sweet sauce, perhaps on a bed of noodles. Luckily, they had just the thing! Char siu and roast duck chow mein came swimming in oyster sauce, with bits of water chestnuts dotted about along with button mushrooms. The roasted meats were good; the pork was satisfyingly sweet and juicy, while the duck had a slight crunch on the skin and was suitably ducky. The noodles were not as good, as they were quite honestly drowned in the oyster sauce. A little less would have worked better for the dish as a whole, but it wasn't unpleasant in any way, just a slightly negative note. Not bad value at £5.50, but not the cheapest noodle dish around. A good option for lunch, though, as noted by Good For Lunch in their review.

The dim sum bento is next on my hitlist (unsurprisingly the most expensive thing on the menu at £10) as it features a bit of everything and seems a good way to sample all of the different types of dim sum here.


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Excellent dim sum