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Wednesday, 20 January 2010 | |

This won't be a particularly long post. I like Mooli's. I like their food, I like the people who work there, I like their Tweets, I like their blog, I like that they sometimes give away free moolis to people who are wearing a baseball cap. Anyway, look at the pictures.

Goat Mooli - Special of the month. A little bit pricier at £5, compared to the usual £3.50-£4, but understandable as the guys at Mooli's have to buy it retail.

Roasted poppadoms and spicy tomato-based dip. Really nice. Could eat four bags of these.

The aforementioned goat mooli. A wrapped wonder. Tender braised goat (for four hours), with spicy and smoky flavours, balanced with an acidic crunch from the chopped red onions, fresh tasting slices of tomato and wonderfully soft potatoes. I bloody love potatoes in sandwiches.

The chicken mooli. Juicy chicken (leg/thigh rather than breast), lettuce, slices of apple (it works - adds a crunch and a refreshing apple taste) and raita. A great mooli if you have a low tolerance for spice.

Mango lassi (left) and an Indian lemonade (lemon, mint, Indian rock salt). The former is a great example of a lassi, made with yoghurt. Perfect accompaniment for the spicier moolis. The latter is, according to Matthew at Mooli's, quite a 'Marmite-y' number; you either love it or hate it. I love it. So refreshing and interesting.

Masala chai tea. Wonderfully sweet and delightfully milky, with notes of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. Generously provided free by Mooli's.

If you've not been yet, I urge you to visit. A great option at lunchtime - the lunch deal is one of the best bargains in town. A mooli of your choice, a bag of poppadoms and a drink for £5. Great bread made fresh with tasty ingredients and wonderful staff, all in a good location. As I said, I like Mooli's.

50 Frith St, London

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samantha said...

cool post, well done. i like the pictures ;) moolis are really nice, and the mango lassi is delicious! i like it a lot. keep fighting the good fight.

M. A. Salha said...

I want a mooli now.

Sam said...

Moolis are wonderful, just had my first goat one.

If you are in Soho, go!

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