Kooky Bakes, Shoreditch (Photoblog)

Thursday, 24 June 2010 | |

Some photos from the Kooky Bakes stand at Sunday Upmarket. Look at the website for contact/opening info.

I ate one of these. Very good indeed. The strawberry flavoured buttercream was nice and not overly sugary. The jam hidden deep inside was a nice touch. The actual cakey bit was well made.

I also had a 'Krazy Kid Slice'. Scott who runs the stall explained that they were a childhood favourite. Rice krispies, fruit loops, fruity pebbles, sugar, fairy dust...probably. Delicious. Well priced, too!

Well priced and well made sweet treats. Great looking stall too - it really stood out among the rather cupcake-saturated Upmarket. Top tip: eat one of their Krazy Kid Slices whilst playing Robot Unicorn Attack. It'll have you bouncing off the walls.


Lizzie said...

Are they made with Fruit Loops? I fucking LOVE fruit loops.

Ibzo said...

:D Haha. Yes! Plus Fruity Pebbles (http://normalboy.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/fruity-pebbles.jpg)

Ridiculously good.

Louis Anthony Woodbine said...

Krazy Kid Slices look dangerously likely to cause hyperactivity.. I want some though, even if I don't sleep for a few weeks..!

Kontengaptek said...

bagus artikelnya..

sangat bermanfaat

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