Another Visit to Maltings Cafe, Southwark

Wednesday, 24 February 2010 | |

I won't really write many words, I'll just post some photos instead. Nobody even reads what I write, do they? Another visit to one of my favourites, The Maltings Cafe in Southwark. 
Note: I didn't eat all of the food here. There was three of us.

Menu on 24th February, 2010.

Cannellini beans with tomato and sage.



Pork, paprika and piquillo peppers.

Chocolate ginger bread and custard.

Italian white chocolate and almond cake. On the house, as it was the last piece and the chef considered it too small to sell. It was sizeable, and delicious.

Large cappuccino. 

The bill.

Great food once again, and incredibly accommodating and friendly service. London's best kept secret, definitely.

Check out my first review of The Maltings Cafe here.


meemalee said...

Wah - that's cheap and looks fab too! I'm often bumbling around Southwark - must visit!

Ibzo said...

Go for it! Note the limited opening time.

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