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Since posting about Pacific Plaza in December, a lot of progress has been made on the site. For a start, they have a website, a Wikipedia page, an entry on Randomness Guide to London, a flickr group and even a Facebook fan page (become a fan for discounts and real time news). I've been visiting regularly ever since the initial launch, taking in the development as it happens, with bi-weekly visits. Going so often has also allowed me to sample most of the stalls available. I visited this morning (20/2/10), a week before the ceremonious "soft opening" on the 27th. Here are some pictures.

The menu for Nambu Donburi-ya, opened on the 20th of February, 2010. The menu features about 15 items, all rice bowls, ranging from Yakiniku-don to a simple curry with rice.

The sign for Nambu. Eye-catching.

As per the opening, they are offering £1 off every food item.

Miso soup. This comes with every bowl purchased. Decent enough, though no where near as good as the version at Dinings.

A picture of the miso soup and an orange, given free with the food. Perhaps they thought I looked ill or unhealthy...I appreciate it, all the same.

Chicken katsu don (usually £6 but £5 with the opening offer). Let's be honest, it looks like a mess. It didn't taste much better. The chicken was flabby and under-seasoned. It takes a certain skill to mess up fried chicken in breadcrumbs, but they managed it. Using the cheaper cuts of chicken (thigh) and leaving the skin on seems to be the main problem; I advocate the use of brown chicken meat in most instances, but for katsu, I always prefer the breast. It wasn't just the chicken that was the problem though, and the rice was a lesson in stodginess. I appreciate that it has to be sticky, but this was Congee-like in places, though my girlfriend disagrees and said I was being overly harsh. Perhaps, but the strange-tasting egg didn't help matters much, and nor did the aggressively sharp onions. A bad dish, all round. Unbelievable that it's the same price as the outstanding katsu at Tsuru. It's only their first day though, and things can improve. They asked for feedback after noticing we left most of it untouched, which was fair enough. I'll give them another chance.

Seleramu. A real family run operation, serving Malaysian cuisine. I've tried the Nasi Lemaksatay and roti canai and all have been good renditions. The nasi lemak is particularly noteworthy. I'll be sure to try the newly-added biryani soon, highlighting the Indian influences in Malaysian cooking. This place also has the best drinks, with Malaysian A&W and Sarsi.

Spicy thai. The only stall I've not tried. Had a steady stream of business during my visit.

The Spicy Thai menu.

Hot Korean. Already featured in my first blog post about Pacific Plaza, I've since tried the gimbap (excellent) and the sundubu jjigae (incredibly tasty).

China House. Cantonese food; dim sum, roast meats and noodle based dishes. By far the most popular stall, encompassing three stall-spaces. If you look at the Flickr group, you can see some pictures of the decent and keenly-priced dim sum, as well as some pictures below.

Taro dumpling. Unfortunately they don't fry it to order, so you can sometimes get it lukewarm, or worse cold. Ask them if it's still hot. If it isn't, don't bother.

The filling of the taro dumpling.

Pu-erh tea. Complete with tea bag and white, styrofoam cup. The nature of Pacific Plaza's food hall probably doesn't allow for loose leaf in a pot, but it's still a bit of a shocker.

Shan. Pan-Asian delights from a Beijing-born chef. The cumin lamb was good, and the brisket noodle soup is as good as the great version at HK Diner.

Sawadee Thai. Offering Thai classics (and massage, oddly). The tom yum was bland, while the tom kha gai was even worse. Really disappointing.

tetote factory. Here from day one, it is definitely the star of the show. The team, from Kyoto, learned their trade in Japan and are heavily influenced by French boulangeries. The baking skills on display are outstanding, and I have previously written about them, but they're a must-visit at Pacific Plaza.

Maple flat bread. Sort of like a palmier, but less puffy and more cakey, with a great maple-y flavour and a not-overpowering or sickly sweetness.

Check out those blisters. Wonderful.

The absolutely outstanding baguettes. Rather pricey, but the quality is clear to taste. Note: not available on Wednesdays, possibly due to the closure of tetote on Tuesdays, and the need for proofing time. If they're available, get one. Crunchy on the outside and chewy inside.

Fantastic with some butter and Fleur de sel.

Pacific Plaza
Unit 16
The Junction
Wembley Retail Park
Engineers Way
Nearest tube station: Wembley Park


M. A. Salha said...

Tetote is definitely the star of the show. That baguette is awesome. The custard pan is still good and most things haven't disappointed.

meemalee said...

Thank you for being my Pacific Plaza scout - this is fabulous :)

I will live vicariously through you for the moment - Wembley is such a trek for me (as was Colindale).

One day I will go, one day.

Su-Lin said...

Oooh, how exciting! Definitely going to try the Malaysian there - got a small group going up in a few weeks time.

han said...

Seems as though some people have fallen for the new oriental city. Only persisting problem about it is the (i'm guessing) roughly hundreds-thousands of people who don't go anymore due to the area.
I don't know if oriental city drew oriental people into the northern area, or if it was built in an area with a high concentration of orientals. Either way, we can't move. I'm still in mourning of the old oriental city.
My sundays, saturdays and mondays will be forever 'oriental city'-less. They killed our oriental city. I've been forced to eat overly priced food in central london. *cry*
But yeah, i will never acknowledge "pacific plaza" (sarcastic bunny ears), as MY new OC. As far as i know, OC's dead.

The London Foodie said...

Excellent, been thinking of going to Pacific Plaza, nice to read about it here. Thanks.

Luiz @ The London Foodie

Lin said...

Nice compilation of pictures there! I been there last week, very disappointed. First of all, doesn't like the area, weird feeling.....then the food are not as nice as I expected (oh, the only one I like is tetote), the whole building is very empty, sadly nothing attract me to go back again....
I miss Oriental City dearly! :(

Anonymous said...

Not quite Oriental City.
We used to drive 45 miles to oriental city. When we realised it was reserected as Pacific Plaza we were in the car and off, Monday 26 July for lunch. Looks like its struggling a bit and needs the supermarket to open to give people a reason to go there, instead of just eating. We ate at Spicy Thai. Massaman curry very nice if not a bit mild. Should rename it back to Oriental City. Its all in the name Pacific Plaza?