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Note: This menu launches on the 13th of March, as per Hawksmoor's new weekend, day-time opening hours.

The Hawksmoor on Commercial Street, Shoreditch: some have been known to get the meat sweats from just thinking about entering the place. A true meat-lovers paradise, serving up New York steakhouse inspired fare, with meats from the fantastic suppliers at The Ginger Pig. Great steaks, a much talked about burger, and now a weekend brunch menu. You can either go for breakfast (which I did) or lunch. The latter is a traditional roast lunch, with a rib of beef available, as well as a fillet of beef roast. I wasn't sure if I was going to blog this occasion, as it was a sort of 'soft opening' for the brunch menu, and all items are under scrutiny so might be revised. Have a look at some pictures, anyway, courtesy of Samantha once again.

Sausage and Egg HkMuffin (£8). Described on the menu as a 'guilty pleasure', this was quite simply one of the best things I've eaten so far this year. Incredibly playful take on the 'McMuffin', this went beyond my expectations. A beef, mutton and pork sausage (devised especially for the Hawksmoor) sits on top of two fried, free range eggs. A slice of Ogleshield cheese gently melted on top of the grilled meat completes the transformation. The sausage is a complete and utter joy, qualifying my idea that three animals minced together are better than just one; the eggs are fried competently, whilst the cheese adds a welcome creaminess, and some fruity notes. I'll be honest and say that I'd much rather have a Kraft Single - or a gourmet take on the processed favourite - on the HkMuffin, but the Ogleshield works well. The only others issues are to do with the size, and how easy it is to hold the thing without it going all over the place, something the team are going to work on.

Full English Breakfast (£30 for two to share). Not exactly the best picture, unfortunately, but have a look at this picture by Niamh from the eat like a girl blog, for a run down of the components. Good things: smoked bacon chop, gravy, short-rib bubble and squeak (genius), trotter beans, bone marrow, dripping toast, eggs, mushrooms and those Hawksmoor sausages. The only negatives for me were with items I just don't get on with: the black pudding and roast tomatoes. It may seem like a big price to pay for breakfast, though at £15 each, you do get a lot for your money. The smoked bacon chop, alone, would be worth a few quid - a hefty piece of meat, beautifully cooked to perfection, making a mockery of the rashers you're used to. A nod to the short-rib bubble and squeak too, which was absolutely delicious. A very good breakfast, so far removed from your average greasy-spoon effort, but not done with any great pretension. The ingredients are all good and cooked well, taken to another level but with traceable roots.

Also on offer is a Vegetarian English (£8) which we didn't try, but comes with eggs (fried or poached), grilled mushrooms, roast tomatoes, bubble and squeak, and Heinz baked beans.

Trotter baked beans. Part of the Full English Breakfast. Very nicely done, especially when put on some dripping toast.

Orange juice (£3). Simply the most orange, orange juice I've ever seen in my life. Very odd, though not a bad drink. Far too much ice.

The bill. Of course, would have been a few quid more if it weren't for the 50% off. Would I pay full whack for brunch at the Hawksmoor? Absolutely, though it would obviously be a rare treat, as with their hamburger. I'm already dreaming of my next HkMuffin, quite honestly.

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Lizzie said...

Wowzers - that is one hell of a brunch. I've been somewhat put off fry-ups recently as they remind me of being hungover as that's when I usually consumed them, but I think this one would change my mind.

Anonymous said...

This looks dirty, worth a try. I shall do it this lunchtime and risk the runs.

P.S. I think you're missing out on friend chicken side of things. If you haven't tried a Junior Spesh from Canning Town, you've not lived!

Keep up the wicked blog.

Ibzo said...

Lizzie - Make no mistake, this fry-up would cure any hangover! Worth going for.

erd - Thanks for the kind words. Forgot to mention that the menu launches on 13th March, so isn't available yet (obviously). Sorry for the confusion!

P.S. It's all about Sam's 2 for £2, Wembley.

Greedy Diva said...

I, too, sampled the fabulous HK muffin. I practically inhaled it! I LOVED the breakfast menu and will be returning for more meaty goodness as often as my arteries can take it. Shame we didn't meet!

Helen said...

it looks amazing. The guys at Hawksmoor put so much effort into these things and the ingredients are always stunning. I agree on the cheese though - same with a burger!

Anonymous said...

Sam's do 2 chicken burgers + 2 chips for £1.50 in Plaistow.

Felicity Eden said...

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