Tosa, Hammersmith

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 | |

Note: I visited Tosa in April 2009 (i.e. before I started this blog). I'm clearing my archives.

Bit of a cheat post this, I gather, but someone mentioned Tosa to me the other day and I remembered that I quite enjoyed the place. Here are a couple of pictures:

Aspara maki (literally 'asparagus roll'). Asparagus wrapped in smoky bacon and cooked on their robata grill. Absolutely delicious.

Yakitori (foreground) and tebasaki (background). Above average from what I can remember, but not dramatically better than other izakaya-type Japanese places in London. We also got torikawa (chicken skin) which was fantastic. Topped with salt rather than tare.

Tonkatsu cutlet. Served with karashi on the side and bulldog sauce was also provided. A fine bit of fried meat, nothing more than average.

Gyoza. Filled with pork and chives. Good gyoza: crispy skin at the bottom and generous and well seasoned filling, though rather expensive at £5.50 for 5 pieces.

Unagi nigiri. Ordered as an afterthought more than anything, just because I can never resisted a bit of grilled eel, the version at Tosa was good, with the smoky flavour from the grilling a definite advantage over other versions.

Not pictured: grilled sea bass head, which housed a surprising amount of fresh-tasting flesh.

The final bill with two beers and service was £36, and we felt quite full, though a couple more items could have been added. A good choice if you're ever in the Stamford Brook end of King St, or if you're looking for a yakitori-ya to sate your appetite for meat on a stick.

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Su-Lin said...

Chicken skin on a stick is one of my most favourite things. :D The prices do seem a bit steep though (re: gyoza)...

M. A. Salha said...

The pictures in this post are great. The gyoza does seem to be a bit overpriced. I want to find a place in London that a) makes their own tofu and b) makes their own noodles. That and a ramenya would be awesome (pacific plaza?).

Ibzo said...

Su-Lin: I don't trust people that don't like grilled chicken skin. It is absolutely delicious, isn't it? The place isn't cheap, but they are using good ingredients, so I guess you do pay a little more. The price of the gyoza is outrageous though.

Mo: Imagine that. I don't think that will happen in Pacific Plaza, but we can hope. I know of some Chinese places that make their own noodles but no Japanese places really... Hmm.